Why A Golden Retriever Mix?

Free mix 2

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Golden Retriever mixes are a wonderful alternative to a purebred Golden Retriever. There are so many homeless dogs and since I’m not showing it, breeding it or hunting with it a mix suits me just fine. I currently have a Golden Retriever/Black Lab mix named Bear. That is him in the photo above. He is the best pet ever, and he was FREE! I have also had two other golden mixes that were great Golden imposters. They looked just like the real thing and their personalities were awesome too.


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Photo courtesy of blog.helpingpups.com.

Golden and husky

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All three dogs that I have had have some characteristics in common; they have been easily trained, they have been playful, shedding was not a huge problem like the purebred dogs are (although I imagine some could be), and they have all been loyal, loving, a great companion and great with children. In addition, they have been intelligent and eager to please. Just a disapproving look of the eye and they know they did something wrong. However, they have also been very protective of their domain.


free mix

Photo courtesy of blog.helpingpups.com.

In general, Golden Retrievers are very active and will require daily exercise. Males can weigh up to 75 pounds and stand up to 24″  at the withers. Females are slightly smaller. Their coat can come in many shades of gold, is long and beautiful and will require regular brushing. Overall, the Golden Retriever has a very mild temperament and is a classic family companion.

Free Chow mix

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Depending upon what type of a mix you get or have, these basic traits will change. If you know what kind of mix you have, you can research and see what kind of traits your dog might have. However, if you get an unknown mix it may be a crap shoot as to what kind of traits he will have! I did not know what my first two goldens were mixed with but they were pretty awesome dogs.


Free mix 3

Photo courtesy of bloghelpingpups.com.

Free mix puppy

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Golden mixes come in all shapes, sizes and ages so finding one to match your lifestyle shouldn’t be too difficult. Couldn’t you just love any of these adorable golden mixes?




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