Where to Find Your Golden Retriever Mix

How Much is that Doggie in the Window?

Patience is the key is finding your perfect Golden Retriever Mix. Start by looking into your local shelter and tell them what you are looking for. Although they may not have a golden mix at the moment they may have another dog that has the characteristics you are looking for.Sometimes what we’re NOT looking for is just what we need! Or, they will be happy to call you when they get a match.


You can also look online at petfinder.com as Petfinder works with many Golden Retriever rescue websites. Keep in mind that these organizations, especially the Golden Retriever rescue websites, will require you to qualify in order to adopt one of their dogs. This is for the protection of the dog. They do not want the dog going into a bad situation. Keep in mind that dogs in shelters and dogs that are up for adoption are not bad dogs. The people who work there have already worked with the dog to find out what kind of traits or habits it has. So this is an excellent way for you to get information about a dog.


Talk to Friends, Family and Strangers

Simply talking to people may lead you to your best friend. We got our second golden mix this way. My father was up north in Home Depot where they were having a pet adoption. He asked the person there if they had any golden retriever mixes back at the shelter. The man said “No, but I know of a lady who is looking to rehome her dog. She doesn’t want to give it to the shelter but she does want to find a good home for it. I have her phone number.” Well, upon his arrival home he called us with the number and the next thing you know we are driving the three hour drive to meet our new friend. Now here is the funny part. We had no intention of keeping this dog as the lady said it weighted about 125 pounds. We were actually looking for something smaller than our last dog who weighed at her heaviest weight 75 pounds. I told her we would foster the dog until we could find it a good home. Needless to say, once we saw this dog it wasn’t going to anyone else. He looked like he could have been the brother of our last dog, only bigger. He was already about seven years old but we enjoyed him thoroughly over the next 5 1/2 years. And with lots of exercise we got his weight down to 112 pounds. So, just talk to people, you never know. (Again, we paid nothing for this dog. He was already neutered and had his shots too.)


Sparky, our second mixed Golden Retriever.


Craigslist.org is another place to look. Just type in “Golden Retriever” and see what comes up. Most often you will see that the person is asking for a payment for the dog, but often this is just to distract people who are looking for free dogs to do bad things to. Often, such as in our case the person will just give you the dog for free. (Again, our dog Bear was neutered, had his shots and had a chip.)



Finally, look in the newspaper ads. Even though the internet is the biggest thing some people still just use the newspaper. That is how we got our first golden mix. We paid $150 for her as a puppy.

I hope these tips help you find your forever friend! Don’t forget to BE PATIENT! You may also want to read up on adopting a dog. Below are some of my top picks. Please be sure to leave a comment if you have other great sources for finding a Golden Retriever Mix.

Please leave a comment if you have other suggestions of finding a dog!


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