The Meanings of Christmas From A Dog

I Love Christmas!

It’s Christmas time! It’s Christmas time! I love Christmas! I wrote my letter to Santa:
Dear Santa,
I have been very good this year. Would you please bring me some yummy treats? The ones Maw makes are great so if you can get her to make some more that would be awesome. If not, store bought are good too. I love rawhide treats. A new Plush Puppy toy would be nice as would a new double D tug toy. (The one I have got caught by the snow blower last year so tugging isn’t as easy.) Well, that’s it for now but I might think of something else tomorrow. Thank you.
bear sleeping

After writing the letter I went to take a nap. And during this nap I had a very strange but wonderful dream. I am detailing it to you here.

 In my dream I was actually sleeping. Suddenly, I felt a tap on my shoulder and someone whispered “Bear, Bear, wake up.” When I opened my eyes, standing before me was a beautiful lady dressed in white, with lacy, fluttering wings. Startled, I sat up with wide eyes. “What, grrr, who are you?” I asked.

Bear Meets an Angel


 startled bear

“I am an angel, sent by God, to help you understand what Christmas is all about.”

“Well, I already wrote my letter to Santa Claus. And Maw and Paw have lots of decorations up.”

“Yes,” she said. “I know that. But do YOU know what all those decorations represent? Do you really know the true meaning of Christmas? It is much more than Santa Claus and gifts.”

“I’m not even three so I guess I don’t know everything. But if Christmas is more than Santa and gifts why haven’t Maw and Paw told me so?” I asked.

“I imagine they don’t think it really matters much to you. But, I know better than that. Sometimes it’s easier to get the words through to a dog than to a human. And Bear, you ARE a writer.”

“Yea, but Maw helps me with that. Anyway, tell me about the decorations, please.”manger

“Okay,” she continued. “The most important decoration I see is the manger. The baby in the swaddling clothes is what Christmas is all about. His name is Jesus and he is the Son of God in the Highest. He was delivered to us to forgive us our sins and to bring peace on earth and good will toward men.”
“Forgive us our sins! You mean like when I do something bad?” I yelped. “I thought Maw and Paw forgave me.”

“They do,” the angel chuckled. “But sometimes we need forgiveness from our Almighty God, such as when we have committed a sin that no one else knows about. One can feel quite guilty when they know they’ve done something wrong. But if they ask God for forgiveness, he will forgive them. Hopefully then, that person (or dog) will correct their sin.”

“But that doesn’t always happen,” I interrupted. “Sometimes people (or dogs) don’t correct their sins. You only have to listen to the news to know that.”

“That is true, Bear, and that is because people still have what is called a free will. They have a choice of listening to God, or not.”

Can God Be Seen?

“Have I ever seen God?” I inquired. “Maybe he’s my neighbor.”

“No, not in the physical sense,” she replied. “But God is everywhere. He’s kind of like Santa Claus. We don’t ever see him but we know he’s there. So the secret of Jesus and Santa is to truly believe. It is when we truly believe that we will see the miracles that we hope and pray for come true.”

“Wow,” I said dreamily. “That is a beautiful story. Now I feel so much smarter knowing why we truly celebrate. But now, what does the tree and the wreath and so many of the other decorations mean?”

“You are very inquisitive, Bear.”

“Well, I AM a writer!” I barked.

“Yes, you are. But I think this is enough for one dream. After all, I hear it’s pretty hard to remember dreams, even the good ones. So I’ll be visiting your dreams over the next week or so to fill you in on what the other decorations represent. In the meantime, work on getting the meaning of Christmas out. I know you’ll think of something.”

“Okay, but can I ask one more question?”

“Sure.” she replied.

“Can I still send my letter to Santa?”

“Absolutely!” she exclaimed. God can bring us good will and abundance but it’s always fun to receive gifts wrapped in paper and bows!”

And with that she was gone.

What Shall I Write?

Wow, she left it in my hands to spread the word. So after clearing the cob webs from my head I sat down at my desk to write. So, in addition to the dream I just told you about, here is Christmas in my own doggie words.

bear at desk

The Meanings of Christmas by Boo Bear, the Dog Writer

Christmas is a time of good cheer and delight,
With presents and candy and showings of light.
Shopping and bustling and trimming the tree,
Cooking and baking the favorites for me.
Wishing for bicycles, iPads and snow,
For candy canes, chocolates and puppies with bows.
For love and forgiveness, for peace and good will,
For good health and laughter all through the year.
For sympathy, empathy, and giving to others,
For sunshine and rain and for flowers and mothers!
For good friends, community, helping and sharing,
Wishing for all to be even more caring.
For all of these things I ask Jesus, our God,
Who brings light to our lives with a simple, slight nod.
Whenever in doubt look to the heavens above,
And send him your gratitude but mostly your love.
So truly enjoy your Christmas this season,
With family and friends and the man who’s the reason.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Stay tuned for further Christmas meanings!

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4 thoughts on “The Meanings of Christmas From A Dog

  1. Sara-Jane Easton

    Oooh my dear Boo Bear, thank you so much for sharing your dream and meaning of Christmas, your thoughts were beautiful and I can’t wait to hear what more the Angel has to share with you. You are definitely a very special golden mix of love! Merry Christmas to you, Maw & Paw. XO Sara-Jane

    1. Lori Post author

      Thanks, Aunt SJ. I’ve been waiting for her to visit again. Maybe she’s waiting for the little guy Angelo to go home since she knows I can’t concentrate on my writing while he’s visiting. Check back soon!

    1. Lori Post author

      Thank you! Be sure to come back in a few days after the angel visits me again. Please share with you friends too!


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