Raking Leaves…or Not

Yard Work or Yard Play?

It was a beautiful fall day yesterday so Paw decided it was a good day to rake some leaves and cut the grass. Since it was a nice day Maw told Paw that she would rake the leaves while he started on the grass. Well, when I heard this I knew I had to be a part of this too!

How to Make the Yard Work Yard Play

If you read my “Meet Bear” page you know that I don’t chase tractors anymore so asking Paw to turn yard work into yard play was out of the question. So I decided Maw would be up for the game. This is how it is played:

  • Maw picks up the rake. Rake, rake, rake, rake, scoops leaves into the bag.

  • Maw; rake, rake, rake, rake, scoops leaves into the bag.

  • Maw pushes leaves down into the bag.

  • Maw; rake, rake, rake.

  • Bear runs over to Maw with shark toy.

leaves 4
  • Maw drops rake and throws toy shark for Bear.

  • Bear brings toy shark back to Maw.

  • Maw repeats throwing toy 2-4 times.

  • Whole process starts over. Maw; rake, rake, rake…….

  • In between sessions Maw takes pictures of how I am interrupting her.   leaves 2leaves 1leaves 3Bear by tree

Well, the last pic shows me giving Maw a break but I had my eyes on that shark just in case she decided to pick it up and throw it!

When the Job is Done

When “we” were done I sat proudly in front of the bags to show my accomplishment. So, there’s only two bags of leaves. What do you want from a dog!leaf bagsThen Paw and I walked the bags over to the truck so they can be taken to be recycled.

And then it was nap time. That was hard work! after the leavesBut it looks like we’ll get to play this game again. Here was one of the trees this morning. Yeah! Bear and fall treeUntil next time,

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