Plush Puppies Water Bottle Dog Toy Review

What Kind of Toy Is It?

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Styles of Plush Puppies Water Bottle Toys.

The Plush Puppy Water Bottle Dog Toy is one of my favorite toys! Basically, it is a plush, animal shaped toy that has an empty water bottle in it. It’s good for tossing around by myself, playing fetch with or simply gnawing on it to hear the great sounds it makes. What is so great about it is that when the water bottle get too squished it can be replaced with a new one. There is a Velcro opening at the bottom for bottle replacement. The thing I love best about this toy is the crinkle sound it makes when I grab it or chew on it. If this toy is outside I will play with this one before any of the others out there. And I have a lot of other toys!

The Cons – (But Not Really)

One of the cons about the water bottle dog toy is that it is very lightweight and therefore it does not go very far when Maw or Paw throws it. However, Maw has figured out that if she pretends to throw it one way I will start out in that direction but then she throws it in another direction. This allows me to get another few yards of running in. It’s not as much running as with a heavier toy but I don’t tire of it. My pawrents tire of it before I do because they have to throw it more frequently. But I still love it! The good side about this issue is that this makes it a good indoor toy.

Another issue is that it is hard to find water bottles that are as sturdy as the one that comes with it. Most water bottles today are so flimsy that it is flattened by the time it is inserted. Again, Maw found a resolve for this. She found that a 20 ounce Pepsi bottle works quite well. The Velcro bottom doesn’t close as tightly but she just has to stuff it back in after a few throws. Another idea is to cut down the top opening of the bottle a bit so that you can push it further into the sleeve. (Hey, I just thought of that!)

Velcro doesn't stay closed because the bottle is just slightly too big.

Velcro doesn’t stay closed because the bottle is just slightly too big

The Chewer

If your dog is a chewer then forget this toy completely. He will have it shredded in a heartbeat. You can see that mine has a boo boo on it but I am not a chewer and so I have had mine for about 6 months. If you do give your chewer this toy watch that she doesn’t start chewing up the bottle as well.

 My Bottle Line Assessment

I think the Plush Puppy Water Bottle Toy is a great toy for the money. Styles and prices range from $4.99 to $8.99 at Amazon. I hope your dog enjoys it as much as I do!

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