Choosing Your Golden Reitriever Mixed Breed

How to Choose Your Golden Retriever Mixed Breed

Sometimes people think they want a certain type of dog just based on the way it looks. However, the best way to choose a dog is to figure out what kind of personality you have and what kind of personality and/or characteristics you would like your dog to have. Are you an active person who doesn’t mind long walks or spending time playing fetch with the dog? Or would you prefer a couch buddy? Does shedding, drooling or yapping bother you? Or are you okay with these characteristics? Are you looking for a protector or a dog that is everybody’s friend? Often times people are not aware that certain dogs have certain characteristics and most often there is nothing you can do to change this. For example, if you are looking for a jogging buddy you wouldn’t want a dog with flat face features like a Pug, as this type of dog does not have the breathing capabilities to keep up with you.

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A Puppy vs. an Adult Dog

What about a puppy versus an older dog? Puppies are cute and adorable but they are also a lot of work. Do you have the time and patience to listen to whimpering at night, taking them outside every hour, as well as basic training? I had a puppy once. I loved her greatly but yes she was a lot of work and had a lot of energy. However, the last two dogs I got were adults. I decided I did not want to go though that again because at those points in my life I did not have the time nor the patience for a puppy. Keep in mind too, if you choose an adult dog you already know what it looks like and how big it will be!

Due Diligence

I recommend you take some time to research different breeds to learn their traits and their typical personalities. With mixed dogs it’s best to look into all the breeds it is mixed with, if you know. We have all heard of reports or stories of someone taking in a new puppy or dog, they struggled to settle it down after a couple of months and then decided to give it away. We also know that a majority of dogs that are given to shelters don’t find a second home and are ultimately put to sleep! Please don’t let this happen to you and your dog.

You can use this breed search selector from Iams to help you find your match. Or you can search the internet for several others. This can be a good starting point but keep in mind that these are very basic questions. From the selections you are given you can then research those dog breeds and narrow down your search even further. Do your due diligence and find a dog that you will love to have. More importantly, meet several dogs and see which ones you and your family connect with. Don’t rush the process of choosing a dog. It’s much better to wait patiently for a good match than to just get a dog you thought you wanted only to find out it wasn’t what you were expecting at all!

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