I Declare It’s Spring in Southeast Michigan!

Spring Has Officially Arrived!

As much as I love winter I’m happy to see that spring has finally arrived. How do I know? Well, the pond next door is no longer frozen and although the water’s cold, I’m going in! And I now have a buddy to join me. My Maw’s grandson, Angelo, just saw the pond for the first time and wants to play in it too!

fetching stick in pondSo Maw threw a stick, or I should say, a twig in the pond and I had no problem fetching it.

getting out of waterOr, bringing it back.

getting sprayedGetting out and shaking off is really fun. What’s a little spray? give me that stick backThen Angelo and I tugged on the stick.

okay, you go throw itHe won. Well, really I did because I get to fetch it again!

throwing rocksWe must have done this 10 times or more! Then he found some rocks and started tossing them in.

still bringing stickBut I swam the depths and came back with a stick from this murky water.

leaf fasinationAngelo started walking around the pond some more and came across a leaf he was fascinated with.

rolled in leavesSo I showed him my fascination with leaves.

fishing stickThen he thought he’d try fishing with a stick.

flinging stuffWait! He’s not fishing, he flinging! Look out! Maw didn’t stick around to get that photo.

I am waitingI went back in the water and waited for him to throw another stick. Or, for him to come in too!

demented Bear with AngeloI finally got out and did a back scratch. Maw says I look demented. Angelo looks a little flabbergasted too.

demented BearHow’s this for a close up?

final sunny shotNow it looks like we’re having a stand off. I really don’t remember why we were looking like this.

 Then suddenly it started raining.

 In the end, Maw won. It started pouring. Yep, it’s spring!

Until next time,

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