Are Pet Parents Creating Pet Humanization? – Almost!

A New Trend – Pet Humanization

I started reading a blog this morning titled “The 3 Surprising Ways ‘Pet Parents’ Are Treating Their Pets Like Humans.” It appears the trend these days is called “pet humanization.” With people taking “pet parenting” to the max, they are looking to provide for their pets human-quality products. And price is almost no objection.

Well, needless to say I needed to keep reading to see if indeed my pet parents were treating me like a human. So, according to the writer, Sean Conlon, CEO and co-founder of PetBox, here’s the scoop:

1. They purchase “people quality” pet food — According to Psychology Today, “74 percent of pet parents said that they share at least one meal with their dogs each day.” As people dine with their pets, they also want their pets to consume the type of diet they eat themselves — which means the pet food industry is rushing to catch up with more natural, organic pet fare. However, before you feed Fido a meal of quinoa and kale, keep in mind you need to research the diet appropriate for your breed. Golden Retrievers, for instance, will eat anything and may need a low-fat diet. Also, be sure you aren’t offering your dog a repetitive diet. Mix it up with an assortment of foods such as salmon, duck and chicken — your dog will appreciate it!

Well, my pet parents get ¾ of a check mark here. I do get the good stuff as far as dog food goes but rarely do I get to share a meal with them. Once in a while I’ll get a little of this or that when their meal is finished but otherwise I get a delicious mixture of salmon, chicken, beef or lamb with a bonus of the wet food in the morning!

salmon 1

Yep, wet turkey and sweet potato with dry salmon.
                                      Yep, wet turkey and sweet potato with dry salmon.

2. They secure the best doggie day care – Today’s pet parents are vetting dog sitters the way people might vet a potential babysitter for their (human) children. When considering care for our Golden Retriever, for example, my wife and I interviewed four potential dog sitters. Some key interview questions included inquiring about a potential sitter’s insurance and what they would do in case of an emergency. Also, a fun tip is to ask your sitter to snap a selfie with your dog during their visits, so you can see everything is okay.

Full check mark here! Maw and Paw just went on vacation and I spend 8 days with the best doggie sitters ever! I spent 9 days with them last year, too. They are always happy to have me and treat me like a king! (I guess that would be like a human.) Actually, they even shared more meals with me than Maw and Paw do!

                                      Gotta love this affection from my sitter!

3. They style and frequently groom their pets – From hoodies and flannel shirts to booties and raincoats, many pet parents are insisting that they and their pets wear matching styles. It’s getting even more extreme with grooming. Pet parents may spend more on dog grooming than they would on their own hair. When selecting a groomer, be sure to communicate how you like the dog’s hair to be styled and ensure they use the right shampoo — for example, make sure hypoallergenic shampoo is used if your dog has allergies.

Okay, less than ½ a check mark here. They never have dressed me up. I don’t even own a coat, except the one I wear all the time. I only go to the groomer once a year when the weather starts to get hot. I get a nice short shave that keeps me sooooo cool. I must admit that except for my tail, I imposter one fine looking black lab when I’m shaved. I also confess that I do get lots of baths and brushings at home. Maw even used the blow drier on me once.

Okay, is a bandana considered being dressed up?                                          Is a bandana considered being dressed up?

So it appears my pet parents get about 2 checks marks out of 3 for treating me like a human. I think I need to show them this article. Well, on second thought maybe not. As much as I would love to share some meals with them I really don’t want to be dressed up, and especially not in matching outfits! Right, could you see me in a dress like Maw!

How do your pet parents stack up? Please leave me a comments and let me know!

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  1. Sara-Jane Easton

    Boo Bear we love you just the way you are and are happy to continue to give you lots of love and indeed “treat you like a King” whenever Maw & Paw get a bit of the wanderlust. XO


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