Are Dog Beds A Luxury?

What Is Fido Sleeping On?

Did you ever stop to think what your life would be like without a bed? Probably not because most of us think of a bed as a piece of customary furniture. It’s something we don’t even consider living without and most of us probably don’t consider it a luxury but rather a necessity. A good bed supports our back and joints, provides insulation and often gives us a sense of security. Well, believe it or not a good dog bed offers many benefits to our four-legged doggie friends as well.

Your Dog Should Have His Own Bed Too!

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A good dog bed offers many benefits to our friends:

  • It provides them with a private space of their own and a sense of security. If there are children or other pets in the house your dog should be able to have this space as his own.
  • Having her own bed sets boundaries. Some trainers and veterinarians believe that allowing our dogs on furniture and beds shows the dog that you are submissive and not being “the leader of the pack”. Although I don’t believe this is completely true I do believe that if your dog already has dominance issues then allowing them these opportunities will reinforce their dominance and having a bed for them is necessary.
  • A good quality dog bed provides support for your dog’s back, joints and bones, especially in older, arthritic or overweight dogs. Can you imagine how you would feel if you slept on the floor every night?
  • A bed will help prevent injury to smaller dogs by keeping them from jumping off beds and furniture.
  • Hair and dander can be contained in one easy to clean location. Many dog beds come with removable and washable covers.

Choosing A Bed For Fido

Before buying a dog bed consider your dog’s sleeping patterns. Does he like to curl up while sleeping?

If so, a “nester,” a type of bed with walls around it might be a good choice. If he stretches out with his paws to the side then consider an open mat. Maybe you find that your dog sleeps both ways. If so, go for the “nester” but get it large enough for him to stretch out as well as nest.

Consider how big your dog is now and if he is still growing consider how big will he get (think ahead). Get a bed slightly larger to maximize comfort.

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Finally, if you dog needs an orthopedic bed but is a “nester” consider getting an orthopedic mat and get a “nester” to put on top of it as most orthopedic beds are mats.

A pet bed is probably the most important accessory your dog should have. If you spend some time researching and choosing a bed that suits her individual needs you may find that this is her favorite spot to be in. As the saying goes; Let sleeping dogs lie…..but in a quality bed!

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