A Dog’s Thoughts on New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year

And My New Year’s Resolution Is…

New Year’s Resolution? I hear people talking about them, saying what they will do in the coming year to make their life or someone else’s life better. So Maw thought I should think about this. Well, the most popular resolutions always seem to be dieting, exercising more, better grooming, you know the ones.

I’m A Good Dog

However, I’m a pretty good dog. (Why is Maw rolling her eyes?) I’m not overweight. I get plenty of exercise. I don’t sleep on the furniture. I don’t mess in the house. (Well, I’ve had a few accidents but it’s not my MO.) I don’t beg, although sometimes I like to get a sniff of what’s on the table. I don’t bark at the mail person. They deliver the mail in a car here. I don’t run away or charge at people when I’m not on a leash. I don’t chew thing up. I don’t even steal things off the table or counters! Maw left a whole table full of chrusciki a few weeks ago, left the house for at least two hours and they were still sitting there prettily when she got home!


                                                           They were awfully tempting.

Deep Thinking

So, needless to say I had to do some deep thinking to find a New Year’s resolution for myself. Unfortunately upon this deeper thinking I did come up with some things that I could improve on. So here’s what I came up with. I’ll ask Maw and Paw what they think would be the best for me to focus on this year as I know I won’t be able to do all of them.

  1. I will not think that the first stirring or movement in the morning means it’ play time.
  2. I will try to be more relaxed when getting my nails trimmed. Come on Zen Clippers, please release a clipper for dogs!
  3. I will try to be more relaxed when I visit the vet and will not put up a fight when it’s time to step on the scale.
  4. I’ll try not to play the “in and out” game so much.

    Bear at doorwall

                                                      Just me jumping at the door.

  5. I’ll try not to “save the children” while they’re having fun in the pool.
  6. I won’t steal Donimo’s toys. If I do, I will return them when I’m finished playing.
  7. I’ll refrain from running into the neighbor’s pond right after I’ve had a bath.
  8. I’ll try to refrain from licking hands and ears.
  9. I’ll sit quietly in the car when we’re going to the park and not start whining and dancing as we turn the corner. And finally,
  10. I won’t jump at the TV when other animals appear on the screen. (This might be the big one.)

Maybe I’m Not So Good After All 🙁

Wow, I guess I do have some things I can work on. And I guess that’s why Maw was rolling her eyes. I think Maw and Paw would favor numbers 1 and 10. So those are the resolutions I’ll work on most!

I bet if you think long and hard about what you could improve on next year you could come up with some pretty good ideas too! Whatever your choice, good luck!

Happy New Year!

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2 thoughts on “A Dog’s Thoughts on New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Sara-Jane Easton

    Happy New Year Boo Bear, Maw & Paw! Just remember Boo Bear…progress not perfection, I love you no matter what you resolve! XO SJ


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