10 Great Christmas Gifts For Dogs * From $3.99 – $3,000

Christmas Has Gone to the Dogs!

As dog lovers we know that having a Christmas gift for our dog is imperative, as they are part of the family. With my son now grown, with a family of his own Bear has become the center of Christmas morning. Watching him wait for and open gifts is very entertaining! Somehow he just seems to know that there is something under the tree for him and his tail wags excitedly as my husband and I distribute our few gifts to each other, and of course, to him.

With that in mind I have come up with a few gift ideas for you to give your dog, from the simplest to the more exclusive.

1. Always a favorite – Rawhide Candy Canes.  Bear loves these and last year his buddy Domino gave him one bigger than this. However, rather than having him eat the whole thing up at one time or walk around the house with it bumping into things Dave cut it up into several smaller pieces. Doing this gave him a gift for days to come. This 16″ one from Ranch Rewards is available at Amazon for $12.99 or you can get an 8″, 50 pack for $32.32.

2. Another of Bear’s favorites – The Tirebiter by Mammoth. I’ve never bought one of these toys but Bear always borrows the neighbor’s. (His buddy Domino is the neighbor.) He brings this home from next door and loves chasing and tugging on this. Some people left reviews that their dog had it chewed up in no time and also got sick from it. So if your dog is a chewer I would suggest something more durable. I have seen Domino’s chew marks on his toy and I have seen one in the past that he did a number on. However, Bear doesn’t chew much so this is great for him. He loves this toy! Available at Amazon for $9.97.

TireBiters Medium Chew Toy Extra Strength, Black, 8-Inch

3. The Trendy Bake a Bone. If you want to know what’s really in your dog’s treats then why not make them yourself? This little “waffle maker” lets you create yummy, health treats in many different flavors. It also comes with a recipe book. Available at Amazon in three colors for $29.99

4. Soho Brass Antique Dining Table. Make every meal a 5-star meal with this black granite and antique brass dining table. $200 at Bitch New York.

soho antique brass dog dining table

 5. Sleepypod ClickIt Utility Harness. Safety first when it comes to Fido! He may not appreciate this gift but knowing that your friend is safe in travels can ease your mind. This harness was top rated in Consumer Reports because the dog remained restrained during every test and was deemed to offer protection to not only the pet, but to all passengers. See the review here. Available at Amazon for $92.49 for the Large size.

6. Rocco & Roxie Jerky Treats. A tender and delicious treat your dog will love. Smoked for 15 hours and made in the USA. They never add wheat, corn, soy, or gluten fillers. Just lots of meaty goodness. 1 pound beef, chicken or turkey from $19.99 -$24.99 at Amazon.

7. Barker Labs Omega 3 Salmon Oil. Bear has a beautiful, shiny coat which I attribute to salmon oil supplements. Salmon oil promotes a soft, silky coat and helps ease dry, itchy skin. Salmon oil fatty acids also supports eye, brain, joint and heart health in your pet.  The pump is great because if your dog is like Bear he won’t eat the capsules that the oil typically comes in! 17 oz. for 24.95 or save 20% on two, 34 oz. for 39.92 at Amazon.

8. Blue Snakeskin and Cubic Zirconium Collar. Sometimes nothing is too good for our beloved friend. Show her how much she’s loved with this beautiful jeweled dog collar $3,000. What, blue’s not her color? There are many other colors and styles to choose from at Bitch New York!

big blue snakeskin and cz jewel collar

9. Majestic Pet Dog Bed. After all the holiday fun your dog will love to have his own place to lay back and relax! Treat him to a soft, comfy bed for the upcoming year, and probably for years to come! Large 36″ x 48″ bed available at Amazon for $47.19

tMajestic Pet 36 by 48 Rectangle Pet Bed, Large, Khaki

10. The Kong Beaver Squeaky Toy. Nothing beats a squeaky toy! Any squeaky toy! This one from Kong is $3.99 for the small and $6.39 for the large at Amazon.

No matter what kind of gift you get your dog he knows that there is no greater gift than the gift of love!

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!


Disclosure: Please note that I have affiliate relationships with Amazon and Bitch New York. Should you purchase something from any of my links I will be paid a commission.




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